Legal Issues of Online Wagering

The Legality of online betting has been a hot item since 1994. When the internet first opened its doors to the public, the internet casinos immediately took a stake into it. In the old days, lines were drawn on where casinos could be put up. Now, the lines of legality are getting blurred with new legislation popping up every now and then.

With the introduction of online betting, government and its law governing powers have been unable to keep up with online legal issues because the internet is not seen as a standard casino establishment on land is seen. There are laws that cannot be held nor upholded in the realm of cyber space.

The first internet casinos were initially based in far off areas like Antigua and Barbuda, and others within the free trade protected areas. Aside from being called offshore casinos, they operated legally. The main issue why dealing online is now shaky is that many so called internet casinos just seem to pop up on the net and disappear the next day.

In the United Sates, it is illegal to setup an internet casino with out proper procedures. However, there is the debate of whether an American citizen can gamble online from a place that is legal? In other words, can a player play in the casino when the online casino is in itself in legal areas?

There is an act passed by congress that makes it illegal to use any electronic means to send wagers or any type of gambling winnings to any place where gambling is not allowed. In this case the internet can be considered as one such medium.

In this scenario, the ones who are guilty would be the casino, and the United States cannot legally persecute or pursue individuals not staying on US soil during that time. This part of the act is still yet unclear. One technique employed by casino owners to absolve them of any blame is to have all visitors and registered players on the site click a button that signifies that they have understood the laws regarding local internet gambling acts.

Some countries like Germany and Korea have set up their laws so that internet gambling is permitted. To date, more than 50 countries have approved internet gambling within their lands.

As long as people want to gamble, internet casinos will always exist and continue to function. The more people find it a joy to gamble from home, the more hooked they would be on the idea.

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