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Seminole Hard Rock In Florida Expanding Blackjack Outdoors

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The Seminole Indian Tribe in Florida were supposed to be discouraged about the state Supreme Court ruling that voided their compact with Governor Charlie Crist. If they were worried about the ramifications of that ruling they certainly are not showing it.

The Seminoles compact allowed them the rights to offer blackjack at their casinos in the state, but the ruling by the Supreme Court voided that compact. The Seminoles appear unfazed by the ruling.

Not only have they not shut down their blackjack tables, they are actually expanding them. The Seminoles are planning on putting tables outside by their poker room so that people waiting for poker can play blackjack.

They also will be targeting people passing by on their way to and from the various clubs at the Hard Rock. The original demand for the game has been great, leading to the decision to expand.

It is still not known whether the Seminoles will have to shut down the tables. There is an ongoing court battle in which opponents of the expanded gambling are trying to have the tables eliminated from the Hard Rock.

New Jersey Investigators Waste Three Years On Gambling Probe

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MGM is hoping to partner with Stanley Ho’s daughter Pansy in what will become a $1.25 billion casino in the new gambling capital of the world, Macau. MGM is waiting on New Jersey investigators to sign off on the deal.

The investigators do not appear like they are in any rush to give MGM the go ahead. The investigation into whether Pansy is independent of Stanley has been ongoing for three years. That’s three years of work by investigators just to try and connect father and daughter.

Some criminal investigations do not go on for three years. While MGM waits, investigators continue to pry into anything they can get their hands on regarding the Ho’s. So far, Pansy has passed the test.

“Pansy’s track record as an independent businesswoman is impeccable and impressive. We expect a positive outcome whenever the (division) is ready to give it,” said MGM spokesman Alan Feldman. Having already withstood three years, MGM has shown great patience in dealing with the probe.

The MGM group is waiting for the ruling because they are licensed in the state of New Jersey. They are currently running one casino in the state and have another on the way in Atlantic City.

Speculation exists that MGM only announced their plans for another Atlantic City casino to put pressure on the regulators to rule in favor of the project with Ho. With Atlantic City struggling, MGM holds some powerful cards in helping turn around the state of casinos in the city.

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